Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chicks Rule

I guess you could sort of, maybe, call me a little bit of a feminist. I guess. Maybe not the riot at your doorstep feminist, but the one that holds feminist's beliefs high. And, one of those beliefs is that as women, we our the owners of our bodies. We are in control of what does and does not happen to them. And because i hold that belief, i also believe that we have the right to make our own decision on whether or not we should abort or birth a child. Sometimes men seem to think that they have an input in the situation, however, in my opinion i dont think that they really do. Yes, i believe that if a women is impregnated with a mans child, then he should be aware of the decision she ultimately makes, but i dont think that he should have a say in what she chooses to do. I think that a mother should want to have a child, should be able to support a child, or be willing to give the child up for someone else to raise. And if she feels as though she doesnt meet any of those requirements, then it is her decision to abort it. In "The Hills Like White Elephants", the man manipulates the women into deciding what to do. He attempts to persuade her to give up the child by saying that he would love her and stay with her as long as she did. The girl struggles with idea of giving up the child, and i think that ultimately she chose to keep it even though the author didnt quite say that she did. If she did though, did she have a right to? Yeah, she did. It's HER child, that SHE has to bare, raise, and nurture for the rest of HER life.If she believes the she is capable of doing so then regardless of the man's desires, SHE ultimately has the choice. So its HER decision to keep the child. or not to. I think that women are often persuaded into doing things that they dont want to do or that they do because society makes them feel like they dont have a choice. But just like we have fought for so often throughout history, we are ALL EQUALS. Women can just as easily perform the same mental and physical tasks as men, sometimes even better then men themselves. And women are the rightful owners of their body. Making them the rightful judges as to what occurs with their body.

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